Tuesday, February 16, 2010

This last Saturday, I ushered the dance performance H3: Bruno Beltrao / Grupo de Rua de Niteroi and found it to be very exciting. Anyone from my generation is familiar with hip hop, break dancing and the derivatives of these, but I've never seen anything like this. Perhaps these videos don't quite express what my experience was, but at least shows you a taste of their style.

Sitting in the front row, close enough to smell the bengay, I was a little nervous, like a mother at a wrestling match, for the performer's (and the people in the front row)safety. Moving that quickly can be nearly impossible to control and sometimes with blunt stops directly in front of the audience, I really really thought I'd get or witness a kick to the head, or a dancer running into stage equipment. It should not have suprised me though that I was watching the best in the trade and they know what every centimeter of their body is doing every second.

The only disappointment was 1: the music wasn't really "bumping" but more ambient and slow. 2: they had their shirts on, and I really wish I could see their muscles. To see the movements, although who doesn't like looking at 9 super fit brazilian men?

Anyway, great show. Great dancers. Exciting lighting. Very fun.