Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Ancient Suga'

This cake.
This cherished delicacy.

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Each Odechia was given an egg. To represent the birth that they never had.

And most did not dare touch theirs.

IT was sacred

what would happen if you were to break an egg?



only one
he did

but not without the rites
The Odechias performed the dance
built the dressing

and softly, their chanting muffeling the cracking noizes ... .. .. .
they bore a hole in the outer shell.

out poured


so they bore in a bit deeper and stuck in a brave hand::::::::::
soft. sponge. sticky .

upon making the hole larger, they see the cakes

hundreds of cakes. eating the delicious sugar up as quickly as possible.

these precious cakes are to be saved for future generation's finding of the spirit

Once they eat her cake, they will be hers forever

but do not waste it now, for this cake must wait. Thousands and Thousands.
millions of billions

of years

until it re-emerges

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