Friday, December 19, 2008

Breakin it Up

My darling sister Jocelyn came back to Minneapolis for a visit, and then Monday we'll drive back to Illinois for all that holiday fun.
Wednesday night Jocelyn and I set out for The Vegetarian, which is a delicious indian restaurant with amazing decor.
After dinner with the sis, I headed to Joey Heinen's house for his release of his holiday christmas cd. This year he made a found footage video to correspond with the cd. Finally, I felt like it was the holiday season. 30+ people stuffed into a tiny living room making jokes. This is what the holidays are all about.

Here is a song list if you feel like making a copy for yourself.
1. Crosby, Stills & Nash "Our house"
2. Francoise Hardy "Le maison ou j'ai grandi"
3. Erykah Badu "Twinkle"
4. Sparks "Amateur Hour"
5. Vince Gauraldi Trio "Skating"
6. The Astors "Candy"
7. Vampire Weekend "A-Punk"
8. Yoko One "I felt like smashing my face in a clear glass window"
9. Bonnie "Prince" Billy "Knockturne"
10. The Free Design "Proper ornaments"
11. Arthur Russell "Hiding your present from you"
12. Grandaddy "Stray dog and the chocolate shake"
13. KMD "Peachfuzz"
14. The Dirty Projectors "Winter is here"
15. MFSB "Poinciana"
16. Wax Stag "Descant"
17. Magazine "Sweetheart contract"
18. The Vaselines "Jesus wants me for a sunbeam"
19. Jon Brion (featuring Deanne Storey) "Little person"
20. Swan Lake "City calls"
21. The Crystals "Christmas (Please come home)"
22. Serge Gainsbourg "Cargo culte"

Thursday night some friends came over for some records and wine. Toni Coca-cola was being very social and managed to get in nearly every photo.

One of my friends, Evan Cook is in the middle of a year long project that entails him carrying an umbrella with him everywhere he goes for an entire year. His friend, Jeff, is photographing the experiment. Evan made sure to give me grief about taking a digital photo of his umbrella, but honestly. I think his project would fit perfectly into blog form!
This is not him. This is Basil. But the two are sort of inseparable.

Every year for presents, I get some big idea about making something and never anticipate how much work it will actually take. This year, I decided to make boxes. I screen printed the paper to cover the boxes,(FINALLY GLITTER SCREENPRINT WORKED!)and then after a week of construction they're done. This was a much better choice than the year I thought I could knit everyone scarves, although it still took around 40 hours to complete.
Now I finally get to stuff them for people!

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