Saturday, July 25, 2009

Life Gem

Not an embarrassing post like I promised, but I guarantee entertaining! I was reading through Gawker's blog and found that they are going to make diamonds out of Michael Jackson's hair, and I thought WTF? So I looked into it and this is apparently possible.

SO, I guess I'll be changing my plan of cremation to cremation, and then have my ashes turned into diamonds so that when someone compliments my loved ones, they can say well this used to be my dearest Abi. Literally, this was her.

uh. EErr. creepy.



OKAY. so i am actually super into lifegems because i read about them on the internet and then got their mailing information and i am totally getting a lifegem of scout. TOTALLY. let's talk about it soon. GTGGGGGG.

Liz said...

this post made me lol irl