Sunday, October 25, 2009

Shogun Totally Won

Last night I watched the UFC championship with my boyfriend's parents who had a party for the championship. I've seen UFC a few times and enjoyed it, which I (mostly) did watching it this time except the final fight. It was Lyoto Machida (reigning champion) vs Mauricio "Shogun" Rua. Mauricio totally won. It was obvious, and they gave it to the reigning champion!? I never want to watch UFC again because they are liars and unfair but would love to watch Shogun fight again. He's quite easy on the eyes and damn, can he throw some punches and kicks. Here's some shots of him at work:

Here's a video of the two fighters that they showed before the fight. But I couldn't find a video of the actual fight.

Another note worthy fighting crew is the Union Square Spartans. I lived in Union Square for a year and probably saw these guys at least once, but there's always so much happening there. Anyway, they're a group of guys, mostly homeless, that have strict rules and found a loop hole around fighting in public by not hitting each other in the face. Here's some beautiful stills and you can find a plethora of their videos on youtube.

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