Thursday, June 5, 2008


SO today at the walker.. I was just sitting and selling people admission and all of a sudden, i look up and michael stipe is there.. I sold him admission. and talked to him about the different exhibits..etc etc. It was super exciting... I did do one embarassing thing when i saw him.. i looked him in the eye and said " you're.. recognizable" bluh fumble fumble.. and then let him go to gallery 8 instead of 20.21.. oh gosh. I let him eat crappy food.

AND THEN.. I came back from lunch to find that Jeremy Sisto (probably familiar if you watch six feet under) was playing mini golf!! omg hes so sexy even from far away and apparently he loves the walker! ah. i need to give him my phone number if i make contact.. i really will.

Thus ends the most exciting day at the walker ever.. perhaps it will get better and i'll have to post another!



i would lose my shit if i saw jeremey sisto in person. he is terrifying, thanks to six feet under mostly.

mysterese said...

do post another! i hopes!

prrrrty goood said...


Nerdlinger said...

That dude is from Clueless (and 6 feet under) "I think I left my Cranberries CD in the quad" And he hits on Cher and kicks her out of his car in the middle of the valley, leaving her to get mugged!