Saturday, November 3, 2007

A dull moment

I've been attending performance art, significant film screening, and worldly music events.

And you know what?

I haven't blogged about it one bit.
but thats all about to change.

So I went to this Faustin Linyekula and Les Studios Kabako performance thursday.
It was a group of performance artists from Zaire, er.. congo. er ?

As I learned during this performance, Congo used to be Zaire, used to be a lot of different things and has gone through many many terrible leaders, a ton of violent civil war.

The state of this nation has never been clear. It has never been positive.
But this performance tells us of a coping mechanism.

Happiness, or at least being positive and going on with life despite of the hardships that may come your way.

It was great. There were the most amazing dance moves ever. total control of each muscle.
Stories, analogies, printed flyers passed out, food, drinks. Live band. the air was magical.
seriously. The dancing with the florencent lights was intense. The anger and the love that they could portray.
They blocked eachother off with them, held them as stakes, chanted in a circle and handed them off as reigns.

They also stripped eachother down. Which was aggressive, and seemed to stand for the strife between similar men within their country. But still, Faustin, whom was only about 5'4", had the most defined muscles I've even seen in my life. Each and every muscle could be seen perfectly.

I've never seen a better figure model if I do say so.

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