Thursday, February 21, 2008

Please Don't Take My Life So Seriously

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This image had no description, but it appears that these men are writing out arabic(?) translations for the images. Perhaps this is a test to see the subtle differences within dialetc and arabic? not sure, but its beautiful, and i love the little illustrations... what kind of feline is that?

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biggest rabbit.


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Speaking of impressionable images, This man. No Country for Old Men's evilest of evils... Javier Bardem.

He makes being bad so so very good.
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having all of us ladies shaking in our boots, yet still wanting to swoon after him. I think its the haircut.
and deep charcoal voice.

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Here he is in real life...

it worries me a little when an evil character is portrayed so greatly that they are desirable, yet as just an actor hes just a guy.

NOTE:: I do not want a murderer, but what does this say about our culture right now? why is the sinister more appealing that the average? Is it just the desire of something completely fantastic and fictional?

who knows.. thats enough philosophy sharing for me now.

au revoir

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H_M_H said...

Do I ever tell you that your blog is like, my FAVORITE to look at? So interesting! Now, if we can just get you to remember where some of that amazing shit comes from...