Monday, September 17, 2007


So. Diplo played this song at the B&W ball and asked MCAD if we knew the dance to it.
Which I didn't. until I YouTubed it and found a plethora of different sorts of people performing this dance. This ritual. AND this new ritual of recording oneself and filing it onto a public forum such as YOUTUBE. Why as a society do we do this? Well, because it fills the void where religious ritual used to bring us together. We are, in fact, building new rituals to bring us together. Virtual community growth. Silly yes, but great for mankind. We must connect, and if YOUTUBE is the only way people can agree on, well then lets dig it!


jdanos said...

another ritual that has grown (over the last 30 years) in the genre of dance is the "electric slide" - there is some controversy over the slide's role as the must-do dance at weddings (the creator wants to preserve the integrity of his moves):

blood loss sway said...

that last one is hysterically beautiful

decameters said...

check it