Monday, September 3, 2007

There are bags of clothing: although seemingly in disarray, these bags of clothing are organized.
1::: clothing needing to be altered
2::: clothing no longer worn, but not wanting to throw away
3::: fabric remnants
4::: clothing open to crafting, cutting, disassembling, destroying

and all around these assorted bags resides my horse lair. They quietly crawl the fabric mounds. Grazing on the dust and string. Missing sock? must be the horses. They don't normally get out but when they have, its been complete pandemonium.

I am consciously collecting materials for my future use. Including the horses, which will be used for glue, meat and leather when they reach their full height of 4 inches.

Oh, and there's also a heat register cover, which I stole from my last apartment, only to find that it doesn't fit over my new register. It will serve some purpose in its future. Until then, the horses have been enjoying it as a trough. Having set up an irrigation system of crazy straws to bring the rainwater from outside my window into their lands.

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