Tuesday, September 25, 2007


The Odechias once lived all together at the top of the mountain of creation
their spirits united, they created all the
immaculate nature and beauty we know.
Protected by the caves,
they gave worship to Odechee.
She was their muse, she led their talents

But the Neebes were jealous of this success and power.
For the Odechias were not of perfection and relied greatly on their Odechee.
They performed rituals. gave sacrifice, and decoration to please her..
And in this they would find inspiration.

But the Neebes could no longer stand it and invaded the mount of creation.
The Odechias were forced apart and into following some Neebe that deserved not–

Without the rest of their tribe, and their precious Odechee, the Odechias lost sight of their power and talents.

The Neebes killed all that they loved and held dear

But before all was lost, the Odechias dispersed their talents

You can still find the seed in the eyes of the creating.

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