Saturday, September 29, 2007

Original plan: mythologies for the emblems to Odechee and her creation of beauty and art.
not now

∆∆∆I have a much better idea for a project for myself. ∆∆∆
I want to explore what we have created as our present-day obsession:
physical beauty.
Perfect-esque, natural-sometimes

warpaint, costume, and all

these Neebes strive to be of Odechee, yet wait.

Most are too rotten inside to understand what the nature of beauty really is.

¥¥¥ Is it the religiousness of the perfection? ¥¥¥

these obedient souls.

these mangy, souless sacks of flesh.
Letting the pupper master decide their moves.

They strive for beauty. but not the nature of it.
because they only know that perfection is of great importance.

Afterall, the divine create the beauty.
But wait. beauty is not for defining.
perfection is not beauty....

the new plan: two 15minute drawings a day.
For this week.
Looking at fashion photography, or just beautiful people.

i will use only pencil sketches and ink or watercolor.

it'll be interesting to try and capture the essence of beauty from people known mostly for their beauty in only 15 minutes and materials that are not that exact.

let the games begin.

oh and theres also a link for you to check out.

this dude's been doin this for years.


A. Von Falcon said...

Not sure if im going to do this too well, but i want to experiment at least a little bit.

jdanos said...

questions that might be worth articulating for yourself in your sketchbook before/while you work:

what are the things that you think might be difficult? the time constraint? the material constraint? distilling the images down to the core of what you are looking for?

exactly what is the definition of the beauty you are looking for? western? american (what does that mean)?