Monday, September 10, 2007

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deny the rituals,

and they will sneak up onto you. They will embody your very existance. All you do will be of planned pattern. Do you notice the downfall...

work . play . eat . sleep . smoke . drink . buy .

The more rapidly a civilization progresses, the sooner it dies for another to rise in its place.

The killing was the best part.
It was the dying I couldn't take.
We created massacres all over. Of color and prettiest shape shifters
I kill what I need and create what I dont know.

can I suggest killing all your morals...

killing all your--

technicolor and prettiest shape shifting view

Throw your intestines out to dry.

The flesh pops when you bite into it

it squeaks

accept the choices we make

do as you are not as you're told

the animal flesh within us is beckoned to participate.


The One will grace us with creative powers to protect and connect our community where the bridges have been burned.

Bring back nature and nurture. Create for ourselves instead of allowing decay to define us. We shall decide what we hold dear and what rituals we complete. Rid us of our historic baggage. Rid us of these shackles that we are told to wear for eternity. The nameless plenty have long instated rituals and expectations in our lives that, when left unmet, bring complete
sorrow and a feeling of emptiness that should not burden our society and community.

Call upon The One and ask for forgiveness for forsaking hope of stronger humanity. The Spirit did not ask us to stay sedimentary and these age old traditions have not been appropriated to fill our needs.

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